Partners from Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Turkey and Denmark come together in this project to build on their different expertise and improve the parent-school collaboration across the countries.

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Consorzio Scuola Comunitá Impresa
The School, Community and Company Consortium (CSCI) is a Vocational Training Agency, authorized by the Piedmont Regional Government.

It was created as a joint venture between the world of work the school world and the civil service to foster the development of human and professional resources, creating and managing training and programs for workers and young job-seekers, in both the public and the private sectors, to promote the “contamination” and the dialogue among young people coming from different countries (i.e. young migrants) supporting their social inclusion.

CSCI main activities are: promotion, planning, management and implementation of courses on soft skills and on technical issues, mobility actions, studies and research for the application of new technologies and teaching methodologies, organization of conventions, conferences and congresses, design and management of learning projects; studies and research in the field of the analysis of the lack of competences; e-government; training of teachers and trainers.

Consorzio Scuola Comunità Impresa (CSCI) has extended experience in the management of EU projects in the field of education and training of young pupils and adults. Recently, CSCI has participated in a national project, which strived to enhance the social inclusion of pupils in primary and secondary schools.Read more

London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham
The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham (LBHF) is a local authority in West London that provides services and information for residents, local businesses, and the local community.

LBHF is specialized in supporting young people and their families through various initiatives ranging from creative, artistic and fun activities to tackle criminality and violence among young people.

This includes:
– working with local theatres, sports clubs and businesses to create a Pupil Experience Guarantee
– supporting disabled children and their families in the transition from children to adult services, with adult and children’s services to work together on transition planning.
– providing the facilities for young people and young adults to socialise, experience and interact positively with their communities
– Looking for ways to reach out to young people who are disengaged from society and at risk of exploitation for criminal purposes.

Thus, LBHF is actively engaged in improving the condition for young people, and find ways to reach the group in a cross-sectorial cooperation. LBHF has taken part in several international project, i.e. an Erasmus+ project targeting schools, and has developed educational material and handbooks for mentors.Read more

Organismo Autónomo Provincial ”Instituto de la Familia Doctor Pedro Herrero”
The Instituto Alicantino de la Familia (IAF), a Self-Governed Organization within the Regional Council of Alicante, specializes in family intervention.

IAF has extended knowledge and experiences in counseling and treatment of dysfunctional families based on Systemic Family Therapy: This therapeutic discipline is applied to treat dysfunctions shown through alterations of interactions, relational styles and human communication patterns. The purpose is to facilitate an adequate family development, intensify relationships between family members and/or address conflicts and differences resulting from coexistence.

Furthermore, IAF have extended experience in project management and development. They have taking part in several national and international projects that focus on inclusion and on keeping young people. As a part of the Regional Council, IAF has a great local network to more than 1500 professionals including the education sector, the social sector, associations and NGOs.Read more

University of Cukurova
Çukurova University was established in 1973. Today the university is among major universities in Turkey with its modern substructure and modern facilities. Çukurova University is ranked at the first 500 in gradation of World’s Universities and is ranked at the first five in Turkey.

The department of School of Foreign Languages at Çukurova University especially work on how to improve teaching and learning, and has extended experience in running teacher training programs. This include training in collaboration, professional development and exchange of good practices. In 2013, a mapping of teachers experiences at work, showed that most of the teachers confrontations concern parental issues. Thus, Çukurova University is very keen to take part in the development of methodologies to improve the collaboration among teachers, educational staff and parents.

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Videnscenter for Integration (VIFIN) is a knowledge and research center at the Municipality of Vejle established in 2002 to collect and process knowledge on integration, and to develop and implement integration projects and activities. It creates, disseminates and mainstreams good practice on integration and social development at the local, regional, national, and international levels with the vision to be the leader in knowledge building, dialogue and innovation on integration and development.
VIFIN has established its leadership in Denmark in using digitalbased technologies in education, mainly in language learning and integration. In 2018, VIFIN launched “VIFIN Course Creator” (VCC) a learning and content management system for educators, which will be used as the website and platform in the project. Furthermore, VIFIN is taking part in several European projects targeting educators with the aim to encourage creative learning, social coherence, and improvement of education in classes.
Locally, VIFIN cooperates with SSP team (Cooperation between schools, social services and police), Vejle. The leader of the SSP team Vejle, Helle Brynaa, has profound experience in developing training programs for educators and other professionals working with vulnerable young people based on “the four fundamentals”. Lately, she held a seminar for teachers, pedagogues, and parents about the importance of parents’ involvement in their children’s school lives. SSP brings an important network locally and nationally to the project and contributes with their notable knowledge of combining the newest research with practical teaching tools.

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