A Shared Responsibility of
Parents, Theachers, Pedagogues in Children's Education

Welcome to our website for the Erasmus+ funded project.

The project aims to support the cooperation among parents, teachers and educational staff by developing new methods for collaboration. Parents and teachers have a great responsibility for children’s well-being and educational development. Research shows that when parents take actively part in their children’s education, the children do better in regards to education, jobs, health, economy and leading a life away from criminality (James Heckman & Marco Francesconi 2016). Therefore, it is highly relevant to make sure that parents, carers, teachers and educational staff can cooperate regarding the professional, social and cultural education of children.

On this website, you can learn more about the project, partnership and the four fundamentals that we build the project on.


A Great Mix Can Make The Difference

Four Fundamentals

In Vejle (Denmark) Municipality, SSP leader Helle Brynaa has created a transdisciplinary education for professionals working with children and adolescents. The education is based on the Situational Action Theory (SAT) developed by P.O. Wikström, Professor of Ecological and Developmental Criminology, Cambridge University.

In short, the SAT-theory emphasises on the importance of morality, self-control, relationships and environments for a child’s behaviour and likelihood of committing a crime. While the SAT-theory mainly focuses on crime prevention, the SSP team Vejle has found that these four fundamentals are crucial for the general well-being and development of children. This project strives to create greater awareness about the four fundamentals for professionals and parents. see also: https://www.cac.crim.cam.ac.uk/resou/sat



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Banegårdspladsen 6, 1st floor
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Banegårdspladsen 6, 1st floor
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